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Made in and the substantial working: the point of view of European Court of Justice

The European Court of Justice in its judgment C-Case C‑210/22 released on 21 September 2023 declares that, in the determination of the made in,  apart the type of rule of origin for non-preferential origin calculation,  it is important to check if a substantial transformation has been performed . Indeed, processing or working operations may still be substantial when that processing or working brings a clear qualitative change to the product.

This a very interesting judgement that can provide support in the ongoing management of the AEO.

The European legal framework is made by the following pillars:

  1. the Guidance on non-preferential rules of origin (March 2022) TAXUD;
  2. the regulations currently in force (EU regulation 952/2013, EU Commission delegated regulation 2015/2446, EU Commission implementing regulation).