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FTA Chile, EU and sustainable fair trade

The modernized FTA between the EU and Chile rules the trade of raw materials (like lithium for batteries) and hydrocarbons by

  • Promoting dialogue and cooperation in the energy and raw material sectors;
  • fostering sustainable and fair trade and investments;
  • ensuring a level playing-field in those sectors, and to strengthen competitiveness of related value chains including value addition.

The parties (EU and Chili):

  • are committed to grant the access to infrastructure for producers of electricity generated from renewable energy sources;
  • agree to cooperate on any relevant issue of mutual interest, such as:
  1. a) renewable energy particularly with regards to technologies, integration into and access to the electricity system, storage and flexibility, and the whole renewable hydrogen (green hydrogen) supply chain;
  2. b) energy efficiency, including regulation, best practices, and efficient and sustainable heating and cooling systems;
  3. c) electromobility and charging infrastructure deployment (electric vehicles);
  4. d) open and competitive energy markets