circular economy,  compliance e AEO,  energie rinnovabili,  free trade agreement

The customs aspects of the batteries/waste of batteries regulation

The new regulation (batteries and waste of batteries) should be a good basis for the a new approach to customs; the key stones are: circular economy, trade compliance and sustainable development against environment destruction, deforestaion, climate crisis and pollution.

Indeed, from a customs/customs compliance perspective, it is interesting to take into account that the protocol of origin of the free trade agreements (FTA) inked by the European Union usually lays down rules of origin which classify the waste/scramps (generated in the EU) as “originating material” of the European Union.

Futhermore, the obligation to develop a reliable system of recycling of some materials contained by the batteries (cobaltum, lithium, nickel ) should support the EU Commission management of the raw critical material (RCM).

This point could be checked deeper for the customs/sourcing planning of the EU economic operators. The AEO compliance should support the management of the rules of origin of batteries waste.