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Import, trade compliance and deforestation: check on the relevant commodity

How will work the regulation on the goods relesead by improving the deforestation of third countries? The regulation:

  • list the relevant commodities and products;
  • Lays down that the relevant commodities can be placed or made available on or exported outside the EU market, if they comply with the following three conditions.

These conditions are:

-the goods must be “deforestation-free”; it means  that: 1) the menttioned goods were produced on land that has not been subject to deforestation after 31 December 2020; 2) that the harvested wood did not induce forest degradation after 31 December 2020;

-the goods must be produced in line with the relevant legislation of the country of production;

– the goods must come with a due diligence statement to be submitted to the competent national authorities before the actual placing on or the export outside the EU market