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APEC and AEO recommendations

The APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Sub-Committee on Customs Procedures published the “Manual of Best Practices According to the AEO Benefits Survey Under Pillar 3 WCO SAFE Framework” which:

  • focuses on the cooperation between customs and other government agencies (OGAs) in achieving a balance between trade facilitation and trade security control;
  • The purpose for customs to establish the Authorized Economic Operator Program (AEO) programmes to strive for more facilitation in the rapidly changing digital era for enterprises that meet the AEO standard, attract more enterprises to apply for AEO certification, and make trade more convenient;

In terms of the collaborative participation of OGAs, this study  (performed in the 2020) puts forward the following recommendations:

Recommendation 1: Leverage the AEO program as a bridge for OGAs to participate in supply chain security and facilitation;

Recommendation 2: Strengthen the coordination between customs authorities and OGAs;

Recommendation 3: Continue to accumulate and share best practices for Pillar 3 of the SAFE Framework;

Recommendation 4: Create more concrete AEO benefits for companies;

Recommendation 5: Establish certification requirements for cross-border e-commerce.