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CBAM: EU information guide for importer of cement

The EU Commission published the “CBAM information guide for importer of cement” where:

  • Explains that “…importer must report quarterly on the quantities of cement goods you import into the EU, and the greenhouse gas emissions released as they were produced (embedded in those goods);
  • Recalls that “…any monetary payments until 2026, from which point the importer or his customs representative will be expected to buy and surrender CBAM certificates corresponding to the quantity of embedded emissions in the goods…”;
  • Provides this checklist:
  • Lists the following key points for the reporting activity:
  1. The quantity of cement products (in tonnes) in the scope of CBAM being imported to the EU during the previous quarter;
  2. Direct CO2 emissions (plus perfluorocarbons (PFCs) emissions for some cement goods) embedded during production of the goods being imported to the EU, at installation or production site level;
  3. Indirect CO2 emissions embedded in the goods as a result of activities involved other than the physical production;
  4. Any carbon price due or paid in a country of origin for the embedded emissions in the imported goods, deducting any rebate or other form of compensation already received.