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Due diligence, AEO and batteries compliance

The regulation of batteries imposes due diligence obligations on economic operators placing batteries on the market or putting them into service.

It covers:

  • all categories of batteries (portable batteries, starting, lighting and ignition batteries, SLI batteries, light means of transport batteries, LMT batteries, electric vehicle batteries and industrial batteries, regardless of their shape, volume, weight, design, material composition, chemistry, use or purpose.
  • The batteries that are incorporated into or added to products or that are specifically designed to be incorporated into or added to products.

The key principles are: sustainability, safety, labelling, marking and information to allow the placing on the market or putting into service of batteries within the Union, extended producer responsibility, the collection and treatment of waste batteries and for reporting.

The AEO approach based on high knowledge of free trade agreements, rules of origine, preferential origin, monitoring of the internal processes and ongoing risks analysis, is the main way to manage the coming obligations of this new legal framework.