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Free trade agreement, European Union and New Zealand

European Council as stated in the decision n. 2023/1323 of 27 June 2023  and published on 30 June 2023is authorized to sign the free trade agreement with the New Zealand. It is stated that “…The signing, on behalf of the Union, of the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and New Zealand (‘the Agreement’) is hereby authorised, subject to the conclusion of the said Agreement…”.

The compliance with the protocol of origin of the mentioned FTA is required to both claim for the preferential origin (preferential treatment) and prevent the AEO authorization from any infringiment of the required standards (article n.39 UCC).

Finally, it is important to recall that this FTA is very focused on the sustainable development and businesses.

We’ll continue to follow up the process of entry into force of this FTA. Stay tuned!