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Windsor Framework: formal approval

How do you manage your business with the UK? Do you like to be up-to-date? You should know that on 24.03.2023 the Windsor Framework (for the management of the North Ireland’s borders in the trade flows between the UK and the EU) has been formally approved and ratified by both the parties.

The package of measures underlying the Framework is complex: it comprises 14 separate instruments, including: a political declaration, various instruments to be confirmed by the UK and the EU in the Withdrawal Agreement Joint Committee (“WAJC“).

As we informed in 9.3.2023 two different categories of customs treatment are laid down:

  • Goods moved from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, for end use or consumption in Northern Ireland:

    GREEN LANE: Simplifications and fast controls for economic operators under the UK trusted trader scheme (UK Trader Scheme launched to support businesses moving goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland – GOV.UK (;

  • Goods destined to the EU or at risk of entering the EU Single Market:

    RED LANE: Still subject to full checks and control.

These new regulations impact on: free trade agreement, preferential origin and customs compliance (AEO) management.